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Who we are

Old dogs, new tricks. With over 30 years in the industry, the Tripleworks team has its roots in BBC, ITV and Channel 4 broadcast TV, corporate communications and live events.

Tripleworks is different. We focus on message and engagement, first and foremost. 30 years in the industry, noticing a lot of content that was technically great but missed the point, sparked a passion to provide the vital part that was missing... messages that really matter. This was enough for us to establish Tripleworks.

While good technique is important, we believe that's just the starting line. Our experience applies journalistic and creative skills to corporate communications for companies that have something meaningful to say and really want it to stick. These companies include Audi, Volkswagen, Heineken, GSK, Barclays and several Government Departments. The team have produced live works for the BBC, Nike, Sony, Dyson and Manchester United. Be it live, using video online, video for social media or webcasts, Tripleworks produces authentic messages that resonate, are remembered and get talked about. We have the capability to deliver the best quality, but it's the passion to deliver meaning that really sets us apart.

What we Do & Why we Do it

We do film, we do events and we do everything that goes with them too.

Everything a company says and does serves to communicate a message about who they are, what they believe in and why they do what they do. Our job is to deliver your message in a way that resonates and strikes a chord with your audience, be they customers, stakeholders or employees. If your audience hears it, believes it and cares about it, the benefits can be powerfully endless. Visions can be realised, teams can be united and audiences can be inspired. The most effective way for any organisation to achieve what it wants, is through delivering messages and communications that people care about... and that's where we come in.


We think we're different, we think in audiences, stories and clever ideas. Too much content is bland, full of interviews that miss the point, failing to deliver the heart of the matter. Tripleworks challenges the banal by producing relevant and engaging film that resonates and affects change. This doesn't mean more crew or equipment – just better ideas, better storytelling and editorial techniques that make your messages shine.


From start to finish we think events should be rave-worthy, high impact, purposeful and unforgettable. Tripleworks will help you leverage every aspect of your event from the buildup and marketing, to the event day and experience, right through to the wrap up and follow up. We work hard to inspire and attract passionate delegates and attendees, we focus on delivering your message and we ensure they leave with a clarity and understanding worth spreading. Whether it be engaging customers, colleagues or cohorts, we produce events 'fit for purpose'. From the expectation, to the environment, to the programme structure, to clarifying your message, our holistic approach to events ensures the best conditions for maximising your return.


Along with our partners we produce tours locally and internationally to New Zealand, Australia and Asia featuring high profile speakers and celebrities. Through specialised experience, Tripleworks has created a unique 'live' formula that just works. We have the skills, expertise and foresight to de-risk tours ensuring every base and contingency is covered while not losing sight of the creative opportunities needed to make a tour engaging. Incorporating clear engaging messaging, our method can be extended around the world creating exciting demand and leaving impressed audiences ready for more.

At the helm

Where creativity meets Experience

  • Tom Edie


    Tom Edie has produced live events over the last ten years, working with individuals, brands and organisations to achieve their individual needs. A dextrous individual with experience including complex sporting tournaments, meticulously planned conferences, detailed national and international tours, exclusive private functions and charity fundraisers. Tom brings a keen eye for detail understanding the impact live moments have on influencing people.

  • Christopher Slade


    Christopher Slade has been a Producer and Presenter for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. For 20 years he has worked for major international brands and organisations, as well as the Government and the charitable sector. He brings a journalistic eye to content, live conferences and online campaigns – helping to identify the key messages and create strong and effective content that works.

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